Consultation, Oral cavity examination, X-ray

Consultation and treatment planning

The patients’ first visit begins with the recording of their data, which is then followed by a long conversation. This serves the purpose of getting acquainted. Then both the general and the dental medical histories are recorded. A substantial assistance is provided by a computer programme that has been created particularly for dentists, in that it facilitates a better demonstration and recording of data, and the formulation of a treatment plan with its application . This programme shows the patients’ teeth schematically, and both their initial state and the currently performed procedure can be indicated with the use of various colours. The computer stores and displays data concerning the time and type of procedures done, and the price of a prospective treatment. In short, the data and the treatments of patients are carefully administered.

Oral cavity examination, cancer screening

Various pathological conditions occur frequently in the oral cavity. The examination of the oral mucosa is essential for their identification, which takes place by visual and tactile means, completely painlessly. This is part of every checkup.


Radiographs provide important information which clarify the type of treatment that is needed for a particular diseased tooth. The surgery has a modern x-ray machine in operation which creates an accurate picture of the given area with the use of a low radiation dose. For patients’ further convenience, radiographs are made while patients are seated in the dental chair, there is no need for them to leave it for such a purpose.