Root canal treatment

The therapy of teeth that are in a state of acute inflammation, and of those that are decayed begins with root canal treatment. This procedure involves the sterilisation and hermetical sealing of the canal that is located in the root – pulp canal – with a special substance that is to fill the root canal perfectly, all the way to its apex. If the root canal is infected, then a temporary root canal filling is placed in it, which results in the perishing of the resident bacteria, making it available for the permanent root canal filling. An electronic metering instrument is used during the root canal treatment to determine the length of the canal, which instrument is able to pinpoint the apex of the root, and thus, it assists the creation of a perfect root canal filling that reaches the apex. This is an important aspect when it comes to the treatment of pregnant women, since there is no need for a checkup radiograph of the tooth, because it can be claimed with great certainty that the root canal filling is appropriate, and reaches the apex.