Teeth whitening

A beautiful smile is an important part of appearance. Healthy, well-kept teeth contribute to an appealing appearance. If these teeth are white too, they as a result, boost aesthetics. Fantastic results can be achieved with the whitening of teeth. The whitening substance that is put on the surface of the teeth is hydrogen peroxide gel. This contains oxygen free radicals that bind and oxidise materials that are causing the yellowish or greyish colouring of the teeth, making them whiter. The teeth whitening agent does not harm the enamel, since it is a type of peroxide, not an acidic material which would cause damage. Teeth whitening can be carried out in two different ways, either in the surgery, or at home.

In-office teeth whitening

The whitening takes place in the dentist’s chair as a one-time treatment with the use of the most modern system; Beyond. This treatment takes about one, one and a half hours with all its necessary preparations. A prerequisite of teeth whitening is that the teeth are to be completely clean beforehand. Therefore the whitening is preceded by an oral hygiene treatment that entails polishing, and ultrasonic tartar removal if needed (the cost of whitening contains the cost of polishing as well). Then the whitening agent that is 35% hydrogen peroxide is placed on the surface of the tooth. his is lit by a special cold light lamp; Beyond, which operates partly in the UV range, and greatly enhances the efficiency of the whitening material, enabling the creation of perfectly white teeth in 3x20 minutes. The in-office whitening with the Beyond System is a fast process that results in even 14 shade whiter teeth.

At-home teeth whitening

Patients have to fill a plastic frame modelled from their previously made teeth imprint, which is made by the dental technician in advance, with the whitening agent (10, 15 or 20% Opalescence hydrogen peroxide gel), and wear it on their teeth for four nights, each time filled with fresh whitening agent. v