Fogorvosi Rendelő Budapest
Fogorvosi Rendelő Budapest
Fogorvosi Rendelő Budapest
Fogorvosi Rendelő Budapest
  • Consultation and treatment planning

    The patients’ first visit begins with the recording of their data, which is then followed by a long conversation. This serves the purpose of getting acquainted. Then both the general and the dental medical histories are recorded. [...]

  • Aesthetic fillings

    If the remainder of the tooth is sufficiently big enough after the removal of the decayed tooth matter, the tooth can be rebuilt with light-curing filling material. The essence of this process is that the filling is put in the pre-prepared tooth cavity in a malleable form, and completely hardens when illuminated by a special lamp that operates partially in the UV range.[...]

  • Dental prostheses

    – If a significant portion of a tooth is missing, fillings or inlays no longer provide long-term solutions. In this case, a crown or an onlay is prepared. A highly accurate imprint of the tooth – which might even be supported by pins – is created after its reconstruction and polishing, and a dental technician prepares a crown which is then attached to the tooth stump by a strong bonding agent. [...]

  • Oral surgery

    I strive to save every tooth I encounter within my practice, but this is not always possible. Then, unfortunately, the tooth or its remainders have to be removed. [...]

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