Children’s dentistry

Children’s dental care is more than filling their decayed teeth and extracting their milk teeth. I believe that their dental health education is just as important. The main objective of this is to teach them how to prevent their teeth from getting decayed. The filling of decayed milk teeth is done with the use of a so called glass ionomer filling material. This is a metal-free, tooth-friendly, tooth-coloured material that after hardening in a few minutes, immediately becomes available for loading. It is intelligently able to dissipate fluoride, which helps prevent the secondary decaying of teeth. Fissure sealings are tooth decay preventive treatments that are usually carried out in the case of molar teeth that have too deep fissures, making the tooth more prone to decaying. The fissures of a healthy tooth are closed with a fluid light-curing agent, which can help prevent future decaying of these fissures. The treatment can only be carried out in the case of permanent teeth that emerged more than six months before. The need of root canal treatment might arise in the case of milk teeth as well, but it is not a genuine root canal treatment. The creation of a root canal filling that reaches the apex of the canal is not the aim in this case, but the keeping of the tooth in an asymptomatic state until its drops out, and preventing the tissues surrounding the root from getting inflamed.