The importance of the health and beauty of teeth is very complex. This is why their restoration is just as complex for a dentist. We know that a milestone in our overall health is the proper utilisation the dietary intake of our bodies. The orderly function of the digestive system plays a vital role in this.Digestion begins with chewing. Its task is to comminute food and mix it with saliva, which prepares it for the stomach, the next step of the gastrointestinal tract. Thus, suitable chewing promotes the good functioning of the stomach, and proper digestion.

The condition of the teeth has effects on the body by other means as well. A decayed tooth, a failed root canal treatment, inflamed gum, periodontal inflammation are all nodules for the body. This means that these problems can cause secondary diseases in other parts of the body, away from the teeth themselves. These are the so called nodular diseases, which come to exist because the bacteria in these nodules can access other parts of the body through the bloodstream. The most common nodular diseases are arthritis and pattern baldness, but they can cause more serious problems – heart, kidney, eye diseases. Although our immune system tries to eliminate these nodules, it is an impossible endeavour, since the bacteria that are causing the problem are always replenishing. There remains a never-ending battle in our bodies fought by our immune system, which, due to that war weakens its operation against other, even trivial infections. Therefore, one nodule can weaken the resistance of the whole body.

Person-centred medicine

Fortunately, dental treaments can eliminate these nodules, therefore, both the existence of such nodular diseases and the overload of the immune system can be terminated, and the body’s resistance can be restored. Last but not least, people’s dental health and beauty affects their mental health. Beautiful, healthy teeth make people more open, confident, smiling, which is important for their appearance, relationships, and even for their careers. Thus, dental condition affects people’s entire being. This is why the restoration of the intactness, beauty and operation of teeth is a complex task, which is successful if the dentist focuses on the whole of the patient, not only their concrete dental problems. This is the basis of person-centred, not disease-centred medicine, which I consider my philosophy.